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Rheinau could become the first 
Swiss Basic Income-Village


Days to wait till the information Event in the village on the 31. of August!



What future do you want?

Do you want to say:
You have to work for money to be able to live.

Or do you want to say:
You get money to live, to be able to work.  


What drives us most is certainly a serious worry about our current society and economy 
and the question: What future do we want?

Initiator of the project & filmmaker

I am in favour of this idea because a basic income could form the basis for a better, more humane future. We don't know until we try it, and given the huge changes in society and the economy, we should at least test a possible alternative before dismissing it as "pointless“.  

Economist & scientist

For me, the economic situation we have been in today has long been unsatisfactory and I see that it is important to put our relationship to work, money and community on a whole new basis in order to make life on our planet more peaceful and joyful.

Basic Income Expert & member of "DeinGrundeinkommen"

Our employment-centered social and economic system is increasingly reaching its limits. An unconditional basic income empowers people to embrace the challenges of the 21st century in an innovative and fearless way.

„"Where there's a will, there's a way; 
where there's no will, there's an excuse".“ 
– Willy Meurer, merchant & aphorist


It is important to mention at this point that the following model and the amount of the Basic Income may still change after the 31st of August. Only then the villagers will be able to comment on it and it is central for us to work out the experiment together with the villagers and the local council.

  1. Basic Income-"Model"
    During the experiment the amount of the Basic Income depends on the age of the participants:  
    • 0-18 Jahre: Fr. 625.—
    • 18-22 Jahre: Fr. 1'250.—
    • 22-25 Jahre: Fr. 1'875.—
     • über 25 Jahre: Fr. 2'500.—

    Each participant of the experiment will be paid a basic income at the beginning of the month. If the participant doesn’t have any other income during the month, he or she can keep the basic income in total. In case the participant has some income (salary, pension, social benefits), he or she must pay this income back up to the maximum amount of the basic income at the end of the month. In other words, if a person earns less than the basic income per month, they will reimburse that income at the end of the month. The participant nevertheless will have more money then before. If the person earns more income than the basic income, he or she will reimburse the entire amount of the basic income.

    In summary this means that every participant over the age of 25 has at least CHF 2,500 per month at their disposal, either through their own wages, pension, social benefits or through the payment of the unconditional basic income.  
  2. Financing
    If more than half of the inhabitants say yes, we’ll continue with the project. Furthermore we know how much money has to be organized.
    To get the money, we’ll organize a crowd funding. Your investment in the project not only makes you a village-patron but you’ll actively contribute that the experiment actually happens.
  3. Duration
    At this moment in time we're planning on doing the experiment for
    one year.


Important facts and misunderstandings

Not  Additional Money

The Basic Income is not an additional,
but a basic monthly income. Like the name indicates:
it is a “basic” income, so that no one has to live in existential fear anymore.


The Basic Income
is unconditional because this income is not conditional or rewarded.

Purpose of Basic Income

 It shall be high enough that a dignified life and participation in public life is possible. 

Social Benefits

In reality, the Basic Income should not replace all social benefits only those, which are lower or as high as the Basic Income. The right to higher social benefits remains untouched.


New Future

We want to test a possible new future as realistic as possible.
This requires pioneers who dare and try it out. Best case: we can encourage people to discuss about the idea of the basic income because we are convinced that a system change must come from the people. Not prescribed from a government.

Main Focus

We want to test how the basic income affects an existing community.
What happens to the people?
And in the community?


We want to generate data and information for the international discourse.

The planned film should also contribute to the discourse and encourage people to think about what kind of future they want. 

Re-think together

It is important for us to mention that our model and the amount of the Basic Income may still change after the 31st of August. Only then the villagers will be able to comment on it and it is central for us to work out the experiment together with the villagers and the local council.


Sound scientific monitoring of the experiment is crucial to the project.
A 4-member team of renowned scientists is already in the starting blocks:

Economist & scientist, 

focus on work- & organizational psychology
ETH Zurich

Professor of Media Linguistics with focus on Social Media, ZHAW

ALANUS College of Art and Society



 A film crew will also accompany the experiment. On one hand, Rebecca Panian documents the creation of the experiment; on the other hand she gets to the bottom of our current system and examines the idea of the basic income.

The driving force behind the film is the question of how we want to live in the future. It’s a question of high social relevance, which the film wants to present to a national and international audience. 

"If you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping 
with a mosquito in the room." 
- Dalai Lama